Service Opportunity!

This summer we have had the privilege of partnering with the McKenna Center to serve homeless individuals in our city! This day shelter is located off North Capitol, and although they are open every Monday-Friday, they are only able to operate on Saturdays through the help of volunteer groups. We will continue to work with the McKenna Center with upcoming service dates of 10/24, 11/28 and 12/12! Let’s show up ready to impact the DC community one life at a time as we serve these men and show them they are valued!

The shelter connects individuals with food, clothing, rehabilitation, medical attention, case managers, and other needed services. They also provide job search assistance, support in reuniting with family members, and mail reception. Their food pantry and clothing store are designed to help instill pride, responsibility, and value in their clients while working to meet their needs. By partnering with them, we are able to walk alongside men who are making positive changes to turn their lives around and support them in their efforts to achieve their goals!

For more information or to sign up for upcoming volunteer shifts, please email


21 Days

21 Days of Prayer and Action

January 12 – February 1

It’s almost the start of 2015, and we’re all beginning to think about setting the course to make the most of the year ahead. For many of us this involves a STRUGGLE to keep our minds fixed and focused on good things, things that will propel us forward. It’s never been more true: THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. And that’s what our January sermon series at Capital City Church is all about!

If the struggle is real for you and me, though, it reminds us that the struggle is real for everyone around us. Our communities are filled with people struggling to find hope. So, on January 12th, we’re launching 21 Days of Prayer and Action!  Throughout the 21 days, we will be focusing prayers on our communities and then backing it up with action, intentional acts of kindness to be the love to people around us. It’s going to be a powerful time!

In the coming days, this website ( will transform into a prayer and action center, with a daily prayer guide and ideas for action. Stay tuned right here… and invite some other people into the fun!

Can you think of a time when someone intentionally took action to bring hope to your life? Tell us about it!

2014 CFC

The Combined Federal Campaign 

Over the next year, Be The Love wants to blanket the D.C. metropolitan area with love, and if you’re a federal employee or military member, you can help!  The Combined Federal Campaign is a once a year program offered to all employees of the Federal Government that allows for pre-tax donations to the charity of your choice.

The funds provided through the CFC make up a large portion of Be The Love’s annual funding, so we need your help!   Every dollar provided to Be The Love through the CFC helps us operate our multiple charity events in the D.C. area each year.   Events like the Turkey Bowl and Help Portrait just wouldn’t be the same without CFC funds.  And, CFC funds also help Be The Love’s worldwide partners fight for worthwhile causes.  Even donations as small as two dollars have helped organizations such as A21 combat the ongoing problem of human trafficking.

If you’re eligible and interested in providing a donation to Be The Love through the CFC, look for us in your CFC Pledge Book, or find us online here.  Our CFC number is 31336!

Summer Recap

This summer, Be The Love had a blast serving all over the DC Metro Area!  We started our efforts at our School Beautification Day at Hayfield Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia.  We had 88 volunteers gather together to help the school clean up its grounds, and also spent some time crafting cards and backpacks for homeless children in DC!

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From there, we transitioned over to the DC General Shelter in Southeast to host a Back to School Superhero Party!  We, along with Captain America, Thor, Batwoman, and Miss Howard University, had a great time partying with nearly 100 homeless parents and children in the Shelter, and got them pumped for a great school year ahead!

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And this fall, our super service efforts continue throughout the DC Metro Area!   We have plenty of great ways for you to get involved.  If you’re looking for a regular opportunity, why not check out our Jesus is Here Life Group?  This group of dedicated volunteers is looking to spread love all over DC every Saturday Morning.  Check out their Facebook page for details!

But if that doesn’t work for you, how about checking out our Turkey Bowl?  On November 8, 2014, we’re hosting a large flag football tournament for the children of the DC General Shelter.  We’ll have food, drinks, and games going all day, and could use your help in any way you can bring it!  Click here for more details.

Finally, if you’re interested in reaching your community in other ways, we want to hear from you!  Be The Love is looking to significantly expand its efforts in 2015, and want to know how you think we should do so.  If you have an idea for a new community outreach, or an already existing one we should partner with, let us know about it here!

Summer Outreach

This summer, Be The Love and Capital City Church are blanketing the DC Metro Area with love!  Our summer campaign started with our service day at the DC General Shelter on July 26.  There, we gave out clothes, shoes and accessories to families residing in the shelter.  One by one, families got to walk through the Free Market picking out everything from onesies to sneakers to dresses. There were residents lined up as soon as we opened the doors.  We heard comments like, “We never get anything new – so this is so great,” and “You all are so nice for doing this for us,” and “I was able to find my son some new sneakers for school.”  Our favorite comment came from a woman who needed to find a pair of shoes for church.  She told us “I know Jesus doesn’t mind what we come in, but I want to be cute.”

Would you like to share this fun with us over the next month?  We’ve got three great ways to get involved!

1) On August 23, 2014, we’re hosting a Family Fun and Service Day at Hayfield Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia!  It will be a family friendly service opportunity day where we’ll stuff back to school back packs going to children at the DC General Homeless Shelter, craft cards welcoming teachers back to school, and perform maintenance on the school grounds.  Then, we’ll wrap the morning up with free pizza and snow cones at 11:30am!  More info here:

2) On August 30, 2014, we’re moving our service into DC for a back to school Superhero party for the children at the DC Homeless Shelter!  This will be a huge event where we hope to empower the young residents and send them on their way to a successful school year!  More info here:

3) Do our 21 day devotional with us!  Each day we’ll provide you with a short verse and devotional to help you find out more about your own mission!   Check the link for details!

We hope to see you this month!

2014 BTL Award

This year, at Beautiful You Conference, we chose to honor military women who have demonstrated a Be The Love lifestyle in this world.  The awards were presented to four amazing women who have served our country through the armed forces.  However, it is important to emphasize that we honored not just women who have personally served in the military, but also the wives of those who have served in the military.  It is our firm belief that the wives of our military members are the overlooked heroes of our country.  They play an equally important, yet silent, role in serving our country, because it is their support at home that allows our service members to protect our freedom.

Our first award winner was Petty Officer second-class Mary-Suzette de la Cruz.  Mary Suzette serves in the United States Navy, and is currently stationed as a logistics specialist, providing support to 114 military members stationed throughout the world.  In addition to her Navy duties, Mary-Suzette spends dozens of hours each month serving the community all over the DC metro area. She spends every Monday serving homeless children at the Carpenter’s Shelter, and every Friday distributing care packages to the homeless population in DC.  And, last fall, she helped organize a collection drive for victims of the Philippines typhoon last fall.  Mary-Suzette is a shining example of what it means to be the love in this world.

Our second award winner was Beth Jorgensen, who is married to Colonel Eric Jorgensen, recently retired from the United States Air Force.  Beth has been an amazing source of support not just to her husband, but also to other veterans and her fellow military spouses.  She has served as a career counselor for veterans and military spouses, helping them meet their educational goals, find their career paths, and discover their strengths.  In addition, Beth has repeatedly provided free housing to multiple members of National Community Church and the International Justice Mission, and provided continuous love and guidance to each tenant for as long as they stayed with her.  In every sphere of her life, Beth has demonstrated God’s love to all whom she has encountered.

Our third award winner was Captain Daphne J., of the United States Air Force.  Daphne has served since 2007 as a Judge Advocate General, representing our military and its members in its legal system.  In this role, Daphne serves her country by providing legal assistance to the members of our armed forces and their families, which is often a tremendous encouragement for those in stressful legal situations.  But despite the large amount of work her service requires, she still manages to balance being a new mom to baby Jett with leading the Capital City Church Connect Host Team with grace.  She is consistently a joy to be around, and her positivity and warmth are an inspiration in Capital City Church.  She is a wonderful mother, wife, friend, volunteer and public servant, and truly serves as a walking example of the love we should show to each other.

Our final award winner was Doris “DeeDee” Cutler, who is married to Sergeant First Class Tonce A. Cutler of the U.S. Army.  DeeDee has spent a lifetime serving those in need all over DC.  She has spent the last 18 years tutoring at risk children, and currently provides assistance to 300 children per year.  Further, in 2004, DeeDee left her successful career as a DC Police Detective to become an advocate for victims of Domestic Violence, and has been working in this field ever since.  On top of all this, for the last seven years, she has even managed to arrange Thanksgiving dinner for 50 low-income children. Finally, she has been an incredible source of support for her fellow military family members.  When Sergeant Cutler last deployed to Afghanistan, she became the Family Readiness leader for his unit, and took care of the other members’ wives and children while their husbands were deployed.  Her dedication and commitment to God and country are an inspiration to all around her.

Dr. King

Every January, people around the world honor the legacy and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the United States, many cities have adopted the ‘a day on, not a day off’ mantra urging everyone to take part in a community service activity on the Monday after his birthday. I, along with a dozen teens helped teach kids in Northeast DC about the message of Dr. King through music, dance, painting and story-telling.

The call to action has been contagious with people doing everything from revitalizing schools, serving the homeless, cleaning up litter, visiting the elderly and making crafts for hospitalized children. This is something we should all be proud of.

Then, Tuesday comes. We go back to our routine of work, family, friends, sleep, work, family, friends, and sleep. Time becomes a challenge and giving back on a regular basis, while still a priority, becomes a victim of time. Maybe this is because we think of volunteer work as something that takes a lot of time. We think of it as something that takes hours and hours and hours. When in reality, the beauty of giving back is there are no rules; you can do much as you like and it will still have an impact.

This year, let’s think of ways to give back with the time that we have instead of giving up on giving back because the time we think we don’t have. We can take what we love and turn it in to a community activity. We can incorporate our families, jobs and friends so that in addition to helping out we incorporate those we love in to the equation. It can be anything from serving meals at a local shelter to paying for the coffee of the stranger who realized he forgot his wallet.

Don’t let time be the obstacle. It really is up to you to be the love.

Deesha Dyer lives in Washington, DC. She is currently the Deputy Social Secretary at the White House and a member of the Be the Love team.


Help Wanted

Are you one of the many who said that this year, they’d volunteer more in the community?  If so, why not lend a hand to Be The Love Campaign?  We’re in need of some good-hearted volunteers to help serve ALL of our communities!  If you’re interested in writing, joining others in serving, or even just sitting around the house on Facebook, you’ll fit right in.  Let us know here how you’re willing to serve, and we’ll get you started!

And for those who are already reaching their community, we want to partner with you.  Contact us here to let us know how you’re already serving, and we’ll be glad to chat further about how we can work together to make your service bigger and better!

Let’s all have a great year and reach the most people ever in 2014!



Join The Fight

On Saturday, December 14th, Be The Love Campaign is co-hosting a Christmas Tea with Beautiful You at the historic Willard Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. All proceeds will directly support the work of the A21 Campaign, which works to abolish human trafficking in the 21st century.  Be The Love Campaign is committed to ending the horrid practice of human trafficking worldwide, and to that end, has a goal of raising $12,000 from the Tea to donate to A21. If you are unable to attend the Tea, you can still join the fight by supporting the critical work of the A21 Campaign!  To help us reach our goal and contribute to the end of human trafficking, click here to donate.

Turkey Bowl 2013

On Saturday, November 23, 2013, Be The Love Campaign conducted its annual holiday outreach event by hosting its first ever Turkey Bowl for the residents of Washington, DC homeless shelters!  We hosted 40 children and 30 adults from local homeless shelters and let them duke it out in a rousing flag football tournament. The goal for the day was to let every participant feel like a champion, and we definitely reached that goal.  Everyone there felt loved all day long through good football, good food, good fellowship, and good moon bouncing.  Officially, the blue team won the tournament, but really, the true winners were anyone who got to witness the amazing touchdown dances the kids came up with.  Click here for pictures of the day, and if you’d like to volunteer at Be The Love Campaign’s next volunteer event (scheduled for Spring 2014), let us know here!

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