This year, at Beautiful You Conference, we chose to honor military women who have demonstrated a Be The Love lifestyle in this world.  The awards were presented to four amazing women who have served our country through the armed forces.  However, it is important to emphasize that we honored not just women who have personally served in the military, but also the wives of those who have served in the military.  It is our firm belief that the wives of our military members are the overlooked heroes of our country.  They play an equally important, yet silent, role in serving our country, because it is their support at home that allows our service members to protect our freedom.

Our first award winner was Petty Officer second-class Mary-Suzette de la Cruz.  Mary Suzette serves in the United States Navy, and is currently stationed as a logistics specialist, providing support to 114 military members stationed throughout the world.  In addition to her Navy duties, Mary-Suzette spends dozens of hours each month serving the community all over the DC metro area. She spends every Monday serving homeless children at the Carpenter’s Shelter, and every Friday distributing care packages to the homeless population in DC.  And, last fall, she helped organize a collection drive for victims of the Philippines typhoon last fall.  Mary-Suzette is a shining example of what it means to be the love in this world.

Our second award winner was Beth Jorgensen, who is married to Colonel Eric Jorgensen, recently retired from the United States Air Force.  Beth has been an amazing source of support not just to her husband, but also to other veterans and her fellow military spouses.  She has served as a career counselor for veterans and military spouses, helping them meet their educational goals, find their career paths, and discover their strengths.  In addition, Beth has repeatedly provided free housing to multiple members of National Community Church and the International Justice Mission, and provided continuous love and guidance to each tenant for as long as they stayed with her.  In every sphere of her life, Beth has demonstrated God’s love to all whom she has encountered.

Our third award winner was Captain Daphne J., of the United States Air Force.  Daphne has served since 2007 as a Judge Advocate General, representing our military and its members in its legal system.  In this role, Daphne serves her country by providing legal assistance to the members of our armed forces and their families, which is often a tremendous encouragement for those in stressful legal situations.  But despite the large amount of work her service requires, she still manages to balance being a new mom to baby Jett with leading the Capital City Church Connect Host Team with grace.  She is consistently a joy to be around, and her positivity and warmth are an inspiration in Capital City Church.  She is a wonderful mother, wife, friend, volunteer and public servant, and truly serves as a walking example of the love we should show to each other.

Our final award winner was Doris “DeeDee” Cutler, who is married to Sergeant First Class Tonce A. Cutler of the U.S. Army.  DeeDee has spent a lifetime serving those in need all over DC.  She has spent the last 18 years tutoring at risk children, and currently provides assistance to 300 children per year.  Further, in 2004, DeeDee left her successful career as a DC Police Detective to become an advocate for victims of Domestic Violence, and has been working in this field ever since.  On top of all this, for the last seven years, she has even managed to arrange Thanksgiving dinner for 50 low-income children. Finally, she has been an incredible source of support for her fellow military family members.  When Sergeant Cutler last deployed to Afghanistan, she became the Family Readiness leader for his unit, and took care of the other members’ wives and children while their husbands were deployed.  Her dedication and commitment to God and country are an inspiration to all around her.

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