21 Days of Prayer and Action

January 12 – February 1

It’s almost the start of 2015, and we’re all beginning to think about setting the course to make the most of the year ahead. For many of us this involves a STRUGGLE to keep our minds fixed and focused on good things, things that will propel us forward. It’s never been more true: THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. And that’s what our January sermon series at Capital City Church is all about!

If the struggle is real for you and me, though, it reminds us that the struggle is real for everyone around us. Our communities are filled with people struggling to find hope. So, on January 12th, we’re launching 21 Days of Prayer and Action!  Throughout the 21 days, we will be focusing prayers on our communities and then backing it up with action, intentional acts of kindness to be the love to people around us. It’s going to be a powerful time!

In the coming days, this website (http://bethelove.church) will transform into a prayer and action center, with a daily prayer guide and ideas for action. Stay tuned right here… and invite some other people into the fun!

Can you think of a time when someone intentionally took action to bring hope to your life? Tell us about it!

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