In April 2013, Be The Love Campaign, in conjunction with Capital City Church, gave out its annual Be The Love award at the Beautiful You Conference in Washington, D.C. This year, the recipients were three amazing women who have each done great acts of service in their community. The three women, recognized below, are each shining examples of what it means to Be The Love in their world, and Be The Love Campaign was privileged to honor each woman.

1. Erica Early:

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Erica Early is a nurse and child life specialist on the childhood cancer floor at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Erica shows love to those in need by spending her days with children going through chemotherapy, and providing therapy to help patients and their families cope with their diagnosis.  In addition to her fantastic work at the hospital, she also spends her spare time taking in foster children up to age 4 that are in high risk situations.  Erica is willing to take in foster children at all hours of the night, and then always wakes up early the next morning to get back to work.  For each child she takes in, she sews them a personalized bag, and fills it with necessities, goodies, and a bible.  An amazing fact about her work with foster children is that in a span of 14 days in February, Erica actually housed 16 different foster children!

2. Lavonne Taliaferro-Bunch

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Lavonne Taliaferro-Bunch is the principal of Miner Elementary School in Washington, D.C.  As principal, Lavonne has worked tirelessly to serve the community surrounding Miner.  Miner elementary school actually provides the education for the children of 75 homeless families in the area surrounding the school. Lavonne works with these families and their children to ensure they all receive a proper education and remain nurtured in all areas. Lavonne also works to make sure all of the children of her school get access to extraordinary benefits, regardless of circumstances.  She actually knows the name of every child in her school and even gets personally involved in the school productions.  As a result of her work, the school has hosted Arne Duncan, the U.S. Secretary of Education, and Prince Daniel of Sweden.  The school glee club has even performed for Michelle Obama!

3.  Leslie Windman

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Leslie Windman is a chiropractor at the Atlas and Spine Center of Greater Washington, P.C.  This past fall, Dr. Leslie demonstrated how anyone can rise up and Be The Love when she served her hometown community of Long Beach, New York after Hurricane Sandy completely destroyed the town.  To help Long Beach, Dr. Leslie collected clothing, supplies, and financial support to send back to the town.  Dr. Leslie ended up sending six boxes of supply per day to Long Beach for weeks!  To further her efforts, over Thanksgiving, Dr. Leslie’s entire family went up to Long Beach and set up a distribution center for food and supplies.  Thousands of people from the town ending up coming together to organize and distribute the food and supplies.  Moreover, Dr. Leslie’s service is not just local.  Recently, she visited a town has been besieged by rocket attacks in the ongoing middle east conflict.  Dr. Leslie was part of a group that helped purchase a rapid response firetruck for the community, and she plans to go back soon to help build a playground for the children in the town.


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