On Saturday, November 23, 2013, Be The Love Campaign conducted its annual holiday outreach event by hosting its first ever Turkey Bowl for the residents of Washington, DC homeless shelters!  We hosted 40 children and 30 adults from local homeless shelters and let them duke it out in a rousing flag football tournament. The goal for the day was to let every participant feel like a champion, and we definitely reached that goal.  Everyone there felt loved all day long through good football, good food, good fellowship, and good moon bouncing.  Officially, the blue team won the tournament, but really, the true winners were anyone who got to witness the amazing touchdown dances the kids came up with.  Click here for pictures of the day, and if you’d like to volunteer at Be The Love Campaign’s next volunteer event (scheduled for Spring 2014), let us know here!

Playing Picturehttps://www.bethelovecampaign.org/wp-content/uploads/Playing-Picture-300x225.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 480px) 100vw, 480px" /> Team Picture 1https://www.bethelovecampaign.org/wp-content/uploads/Team-Picture-1-300x225.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 480px) 100vw, 480px" />

Ref Picturehttps://www.bethelovecampaign.org/wp-content/uploads/Ref-Picture-225x300.jpg 225w" sizes="(max-width: 360px) 100vw, 360px" />

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